Our Branches

To ensure we deliver quality forensic science services to our clients we only hire experienced forensic experts who are known to us and who meet our strict criteria:

>> experienced and recognised in their own particular forensic science discipline;

>> comfortable and experienced at giving evidence in Court;

>> commitment to Alpha Legal & Forensic Access quality and customer service;

>> commitment to providing their opinions and interpretations impartially and objectively;

We also require our forensic scientists to not only use their scientific skills but also their investigative skills to prepare and carry out robust forensic strategies agreed with the customer. Most of our forensic scientists have worked for at least one of the India's major forensic providers before joining Alpha Legal & Forensic Access.

A Details of our branches are listed below, to see more details about each branch and their expert's dedicated areas of expertise click on the name of the branch:

Duties of a Forensic Expert

>> To carry out analysis of crime articles & issue analytical reports.

>> To visit crime scenes for proper collection of scientific evidences.

>> To give evidence in court of law whenever summoned.

>> To train police or investigating officers to modernize investigating methods.

>> To coordinate with judicial officers for awareness of Forensic Science services.

>> To develop Research and Development in crime related cases.

>> To prepare National Level work Manuals to bring uniformity in working procedures of nationwide Forensic Science Laboratories.

>> To conduct regular Technical sessions and Trainings to scientists to upgrade the scientific knowledge.

>> Prepare regular instructions to investigating officers and medical officers.