Welcome to Forensic Lab

ALFA (Alpha Legal & Forensic Access) has emerged as a great reckoning force and a dynamic forensic organization at the dawn of this century.

ALFA is established by highly qualified and experienced forensic professionals to provide best forensic investigation and education services, and proper advice and guidance to its clients for a better balance of forensic science expertise at various places. Recent of the years we have continued to provide high quality forensic services to lawyers/advocates, courts, police forces and to private individuals, making substantial contributions in many cases.

ALFA is now dealing and providing its quality assured services with the help of departments i.e. Department of Investigation, Department of Education, Department of PCC (Police Clearance Certificates), Department of Public Safeguards, Department of Books and Equipments, Department of Private Investigation, and Department of Insurance Investigation. ALFA basically deals with a wide range of specialist forensic science services i.e. Handwriting Examination, Signature Verification, Audio/Video Authentication, Speaker Identification, Fingerprint Comparison, Fingerprint for Police Clearance Certificate from various countries, Cyber Forensic Investigation, Mobile Forensic Investigation, Private Investigation, Insurance Investigation, Training, Workshops and Internships, Online/Distance Education, etc.

ALFA has a record for delivering our breadth of services from our quality accredited laboratories. We have a team of highly experienced forensic experts, who have proved their expertise at various places in the cases like Questioned Document examination. Handwriting analysis. Signature verification, Fingerprint comparison. Fraud detection. Document Forgeries, signatures comparison, fraudulent additions, deletions and alterations, anonymous letters report, Fingerprint fraud detection, Fingerprint for Visa & Immigration purpose. Employee background checkup and verification, Servant/Tennant Verification, Various Security Cards Preparation, Pre-Post Matrimonial Investigation, Surveillance, Search of Missing persons, Altered Photographs, Paternity and Maternity Issues, Hit and Run Cases, Motor Vehicle Accidents, Data Theft, Id theft, Computer Fraud Detection, etc.