Frequently Asked Questions

Is your laboratory Government approved/registered or not?

ALFA is a government registered organization (Reg. with Ministry of Corporate Affairs, Govt. of India) and that is a highly respected independent forensic science expertise or service provider in India.

For how many years are your working in this field?

ALFA was established in 2013 as an independent forensic service provider. We have a team of highly experienced forensic professionals who have worked in many forensic science organizations for more than 5 years.

Do you have your branches in the different states of India?

ALFA is a Delhi based company but we have a chain of many skilled forensic experts and consultants who are working in all the major cities of India as our franchise or as an associate.

Do you provide forensic consultancy services?

Yes, we provide a wide range of forensic science consultancy services to our clients and other forensic science services providers.

How much time does your laboratory take to perform an examination?

We take a short or least period of time (a min of 2-3 working days) for proper examination of the evidences and other materials but its depend upon the case type.

Is your report valid to the different courts of India or not?

Yes, the reports prepared by our experts are valid to any court of law in India and overseas under section 45 of Indian Evidence Act.

Do you provide forensic education services?

ALFA provides a wide range of investigation services like online forensic courses, distance forensic courses, classroom courses, forensic training, forensic internships, forensic workshops, etc. in many states of India and overseas.

Do you provide experts opinions or not?

ALFA provides experts opinion under section 45 of Indian Evidence Act on a variety of cases. We have a team of highly experienced forensic experts, who have solved and given opinion on many cases like handwriting examination, signature verification, fingerprint verification, audio/video authentication, etc.

Do you have different experts in different divisions of laboratory?

Yes, we have a numbers of experts who are working with our organization. They have a definite work according to the different fields of forensic science and their specialism.

How much you charge for a questioned document’s examination?

Actually, we don’t have predefined charges to perform an examination, it’s depend on your case type but we assure our clients, we never create issues with the charges because forensic is our passion, not only profession.

Do you have digital fingerprinting service in your lab?

Yes, we provide a digital fingerprinting service in our head office but this service is not available in our branch offices. If you require this services, you need to come in our Delhi based office.

Do you provide police clearance certificates from various countries?

Yes, ALFA is one of the leading police clearance certificate providers in India, this division of ALFA is a one stop PCC solution, that has many years of experience dealing with the clients related to their queries about PCC.

Can I send a case documents by email?

Yes, if you belong to a place where our branches don’t exist then you can send your case documents using secured emails.

Can you negotiate your charges?

As we already mentioned that ALFA has no such related issues like negotiation or discount on charges we apply on our services. We never charge more. You can analyse if compare with our service providers.

How many samples are required for examination?

It’s depend on your case type, not predefined. Samples vary case to case but in cases like documents examination, signature verification, fingerprint examination, etc., your need to provide at least 10-15 readable samples for proper examination.

Apart from the questions listed above, if you have any query about ALFA, its forensic scientists, its services or how we can assist you/your organisation, then Frequently Asked Questions, we look forward to hearing from you.