Forensic Chemistry Laboratory deals with a large variety of forensic investigation services like chemical analysis of materials like petroleum products i.e. petrol, diesel and kerosene, examination of substandard construction materials like bricks, cement, concrete, etc. examination of pesticides and insecticides of either identification, explosive material and post explosion residues, oils and fats, dyes, dangerous drugs like heroin, brown sugar/gard, cocaine, methaqualone, LSD, Narcotics (opium, cannabis, charas, hasis, ganja, bhang, etc.), blood and urine samples in consumption of such drugs, industrial chemicals and residues thereof in cases of murder, arson, explosion, theft, cheating, etc. Instrumental analysis using High Performance Liquid Chromatograph, Gas Liquid Chromatographs, Ultra Violet/Infrared Spectrometers, Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer, HPTLC Scanner, GC-MS, LC-MS, In Chromatograph, GC-Ion Scan, GC-ATD, GC-DHA, GC-HS, Elemental Analyser, etc. Other automated equipments to determine flash point, viscosity, and distillation range are also used for analysis of petroleum products. We don't directly deal with the cases related to forensic chemistry division but we are in contact with some other laboratories and consociates, who are authorized and have permissions from government to solve the aforesaid cases so we contact them to work with us on the contractual basis.


Our forensic Chemistry Laboratory deals with a variety of forensic investigation services, we have solved a variety of cases in this laboratory like:

>> Examination of petroleum products like petrol, diesel and kerosene

>> Examination of different types of pesticides and insecticides

>> Examination of substandard construction materials like bricks, cement, concrete

>> Examination of explosive materials and post explosion residues

>> Examination of oils and fats

>> Examination of dangerous drugs

>> Examinations of narcotics substances like heroin, cocaine, brown sugar, LSD, opium, cannabis, charas, hasis, ganja, etc.

>> Examination of blood and urine (in case of consumption of such drugs)

>> Examination of industrial chemicals and residues