ALFA offers a variety of services across the scientific, evidence and case-type spectrum. ALFA has a team of highly experience forensic experts who have proved their expertise and given expert opinions on many cases related to forensic science and criminal investigation. The services offered by us are provided by the various departments:

Department of Forensic Awareness

Our Department of Forensic Awareness runs a lot of social awareness programmes every year to aware the people about the mishappennigs they generally do at a scene of crime. While any crime takes place in their surroundings, they don’t know, what to do first? That is the reason, we started a new forensic job with the help of some NGOs and social activists as well as the social workers do. We are one of leading organizations in India providing various forensic social awareness services and programmes, which are more beneficial and helpful for the growth and development of forensic science in our country. We have appointed a team of selected highly experienced forensic experts, who work among the societies by performing many forensic social awareness programmes with the help of some plays and themes presentation to aware or train the people about the techniques and methods to prevent the crimes or how to handle a crime scene, which happen every day around us. We also aware people if a crime has taken place in someone’s surrounding then how to preserve the crime scene and what precautions should he follows to do not spoil the evidences.